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About Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat produces high-strength, long-life chainrings. Our developments come from our own biking experience and all chainrings are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.
Mountain Goat is a project office arranging production in regional factories and distributing the chainrings to bike stores and online via the factory store.
We focus on sustainability in all areas - regarding chainrings this means that we focus on longevity.
In 2004, a 20 tooth chainring for 4-arm cranks, the 20/4 stambecco, was released. In the meantime, the stambecci have been used in all parts of the world and completely lived up to the expectations. A test crankset from 2005 was able to withstand a field endurance test including two Alp crossings and further mountain trips over 7500 kilometers and 170,000 meters in height, before the smaller chainring finally went broke.
Because of this successful prove of the durability of the material and request from customers, we developed other chainrings out of the same durable material. By now, Mountain Goat can offer chainrings fitting for the most common MTB cranks.

In 2008, tandem riders got their stambecco of V2A steel, and in 2009, color came into play with a stambecco in red. In 2010, a black stambecco followed.

The technical highlight in 2009 was the development of reversible chainrings for singlespeed and for combination with the Rohloff hub.

In 2010 intensive tests showed that many of Mountain Goat chainring models fit to 3x10-fold chain drives.

In 2011 we optimized our technique of anodization. It's even more fit now to the specific stress on chain rings.


Our Products

All Mountain Goat chainrings are four bolt chainrings. They are CNC carved and made from anodized 7075 aluminum – one model is made of V2A steel.

The anodization can be neutral (golden color), black or red. There are models for derailleur gears and hub gears (e.g. Rohloff speedhub) or singlespeed.

Derailleur Gear

To shift the chain, all but the smallest chainrings have shift ramps and  lift-optimized cogs.

20/4 stambecco – for all 4-hole cranks. Aluminum: neutral, black, red / V2A steel: raw.

22 - 32 - 44 milan – for all cranks with 64 / 104 mm bolt diameter (except XTR)

22 - 32 - 44 eagle – for XTR FC-M960

22 - 32 - 44 condor - for XTR FC-M970

36 rhino – for all cranks with 104 mm bolt diameter

Hub Gear / Singlespeed

A single chainring does neither need shift ramps nor cogs, that the chain can easily mount. This means, it can have extra strong cogs and can be designed as reversible.

39 lonely wolf - for all cranks with 104 mm bolt diameter, black

42 lonely wolf - for all cranks with 104 mm bolt diameter, black



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Contact + Support

There are no special hours of availability by phone.

For assembly questions which are discussed best by speech you can call our technician. He is reachable best in the evening (f.e. 20:00 CET) under +49-941-270520. In the weekend too.

Questions about already done orders or shop access (f.e. forgotten password) please send by email to info@mountain-goat.de .

We only sell online. Please place new orders only via webstore. But we gladly give you pre-order counsel by email or phone +49-941-270520 or +49-1609-7609198.