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How to start your reseller account

You are reseller and want to share in the benefits of our reseller discounts?

  1. Please register as our new customer (see menu)
  2. While doing so please put down also your VAT number if your company is EU-based.
  3. Send us your trading licence.

Your account has to be confirmed by us. This will be done in a timely manner. As soon as your account will be usable the prices will be visible for you.


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Contact + Support

There are no special hours of availability by phone.

For assembly questions which are discussed best by speech you can call our technician. He is reachable best in the evening (f.e. 20:00 CET) under +49-941-270520. In the weekend too.

Questions about already done orders or shop access (f.e. forgotten password) please send by email to info@mountain-goat.de .

We only sell online. Please place new orders only via webstore. But we gladly give you pre-order counsel by email or phone +49-941-270520 or +49-1609-7609198.